Saturday, November 26, 2005

NEW on the Web: Theater X-Net

Featuring: The illustrated story of Ida Rubinstein
Russian/Judaic Princess of Belle Epoch Parisian Theatre.

Thanks to Toni Bentley, author of The Sisters of Salome who took a look at Ida's chronology, and wrote these very nice words: Dear Mike, OK the link worked this time and the website is simply wonderful! Really quite lovely and thrilling to click through. Thanks for doing it and thank you for sending me the link.
Toni's written a number of other interesting books and articles, as well as dancing for George Balanchine in the NYC Ballet: Toni Bentley's Website

Visit: Michael's Montana Web Archive
Theater, Art, Flash Gordon, Funky Music and MORE!

Wildlife: The Raccoon pair visited us last night -- the cats were all staring out the back door, and when I looked out two sets of black-masked eyes were staring back at me from either side of the box feeder.

Weather: The inversion has passed, but a huge snowstorm is about to envelop the Western USA and Canada, well out into the upper Great Plains.

Charity Alert: Click on The Hunger Site every day -- they can handle it.

In The Community: The Kalispell Art Walk is a week from tonight. I'll be at the Hockaday Museum of Art helping to host our share of the event, where art galleries all over the downtown area stay open, serving food and drink, until about 9 PM to kick off the Christmas season, and have a mutual welcome-to-winter party. The People's Choice Awards for the Hockaday's Member's Salon will be announced that night as well. Hockaday Museum's Website

Media Watch: Who needs Mystery Science Theater 3000? I just got an early birthday present of a dozen dawg-assed movies on DVD. We watched The Wasp Woman (1960) last night, and no, it wasn't the inspiration for Desperate Housewives (W.A.S.P. s everywhere! Nothing but W.A.S.P. s!) -- it was B-Movie Queen Susan Cabot's last starring role. The other goodies were: Bucket of Blood, Little Shop of Horrors, The Terror, The Ape (both with Boris Karloff), Bowery at Midnight, Brooklyn Gorilla, and Devil Bat (all three with Bela Lugosi), Indestructable Man (with Lon Chaney Jr.), Attack of the Giant Leeches, Great Gila Monster, Dead Men Walk, and The Manster (there's gotta be a dud in every group -- I never liked that last film).

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