Saturday, November 29, 2003

Weather: Thanksgiving weekend -- so far snow, then clear, then snow, then clear. Some days it melts off, other times it freezes HARD! My deck is cleared off now, so I'm ready for more -- gotta check my rain gutters too -- I think there's a leak in one area, and it makes things wet underneath.

Wildlife: The lake has been white with snow (except for the aereator-hole in the ice). This morning it was all gray from temperatures in the high 30's turning it all into slush. The geese are flying over by the hundreds still, but they rarely land. There was a small, spotless fawn sharing fallen sunflower seeds with two pheasant roosters. Peanuts are luring the magpies to the deck, and the flickers follow along. The woodpeckers stay in the trees.

Charity Alert: The Animal Rescue Site : Feed an Animal in Need

Media Watch: Thanksgiving NFL was alright. The games were contested enough, for the most part, and the teams I preferred to win did so. Pregame silliness -- Jillian's outfits have looked better in the past, but she was funny.
C-SPAN had something of a Lewis & Clark marathon, but I was interested enough to peek in, and stay awake. I even checked out some more books on this subject from the library!
I saw a documentary about Lenny Bruce "Swearing to Tell the Truth," narrated by Robert DeNiro -- great footage from another time, and clips from routines that wouldn't cause a blink nowadays.
I loved his comedy-as-jazz approach to performing. I was seriously impressed at a young age by Paul Krassner's compilation "The Essential Lenny Bruce." I laughed for many hours reading that book.
My impression of his life at my age now (54) hasn't changed too much. I am even more impressed with his artistry, but I am still appalled by the excesses of his lifestyle, and the injustice of his persecution by our legal system. I'd say that he was caught between the wheels of drug addiction, and faith in a system that was undeserving of his trust. Yeah, Heroin probably would have killed him one day, but the unjust loss of his livelihood killed him sooner. I feel a little comfort in contending that his "example" had the opposite effect of it's intention to "shut down" an emerging change in society.
Hey, look at this on CNN International -- fragments of a rock concert in South Africa, trying to raise consciousness (and money) to fight back against the AIDS epidemic. Nelson Mandela is there, as are U2, Baba Maal, Peter Gabriel, and others. Too bad popular music doesn't have the same power as it did a generation ago, but this is a fight that must go on somehow!
1) We are all here because of Sex.
2) Sex is a drive, and an instinct, besides being a pleasure, for all of Humanity.
3) HIV/AIDS is a debilitating or fatal disease that is spread by Sex.
4) HIV/AIDS is problem for all Humanity.

No college -- we're closed. I'm working around the house this weekend!

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